‘Clocking off’: Turkey opts out of moving time

TURKEY is to retain daylight saving time – meaning it will do away with turning the clocks backwards and forwards an hour in October and April.

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‘Clocking off’: Turkey opts out of moving time
Expats and Turkish residents will no longer ‘fall back’ in October after a decree regarding daylight saving time (DST) all year round in Turkey was published on the Official Gazette.

It puts an end to adjusting the clocks every spring and autumn to utilize daylight.

turkish_flag_wall_clock-re622fd2de0eb4ed893f59b808ef31fed_fup1y_8byvr_324Decree no. 24005 dated September 6, 2016, issued by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources amended the second article of the Law Regarding the 24-Hour Day.

The clause specifying the end of daylight savings time on October 30, 2016 as of 4 a.m. local time has been repealed accordingly.

Turkey saves about 800 million to 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity through the daylight saving time, equivalent to the annual power production of a mid-level hydroelectric power plant.

It will mean Turkey will be three hours ahead of the UK when the UK turns its clocks back by an hour in October.

And Turkey will be two hours ahead of the UK from April through to October when the UK traditionally ‘springs forward’ an hour for summer time.


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