Eğirdir Lake: a jewel in Turkey’s alpine crown

The town of Eğiridir stretches along the shore of the lake and is backed by a towering rugged peak...

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Eğirdir Lake: a jewel in Turkey’s alpine crown

When the temperatures rise on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, head into the mountains, north west from Fethiye for about 280 kilometres, to the cooler climes of the alpine environment that forms the Western Tauros range. Just follow the road until you reach a truly awesome stretch of water. You have arrived at Lake Eğirdir, one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey.

Google map showing road options to Eğirdir 

Visit throughout the year

There are two islands connected by a manmade causeway

The lake covers 425 square kilometres making it the fourth largest (second largest freshwater) lake in Turkey.

At 917 metres above sea level the weather never gets too hot but perfect for swimming, trekking and exploring.

In winter there is snow and skiing is a popular sport on the surrounding peaks.

The town of Eğirdir stretches along the shore of the lake, backed by a towering rugged peak.

There are several old wooden houses in the main part of the town, an old mosque and a Madrassa, currently being restored. But that isn't all... Probably the most characterful and unique part of the part of the town is the part that juts out into the lake.

This district comprises two islands, Can Ada and Yeşil Ada, which are connected to the mainland by a causeway.

This was constructed in the 1960 using a massive slice of one of the nearby mountains.

The two islands: Can ada and Yeşil ada

Friendly family run accommodation

On the main part of the isthmus are three delightful, family run places to stay, run by İbrahim and his team: Charly’s Pension, Lale Pension and Fulya Pension. Each has its own unique character and offers accommodation for different budgets.

Charley’s pension is a quirky 19th century building with immensely thick walls and many original features. The accommodation is suitable for groups and families. Fulya Pension is newly refurbished and has comfortably decorated rooms. Lale Pension and Lale is also newly renovated great for backpackers and has dormitory style accommodation.

Fulya Pension

Seven colours in one day

During your stay Eğirdir Lake will almost certainly reveal its many characters.

The surrounding mountains can make the weather capricious. On one day and in different parts of the lake the water can be like an azure mirror but especially when it's windy, the lake can be emerald, sapphire or indigo with white horses only adding to the beauty.

It is said that the lake can reveal as many as seven colours in one day.

A great place to explore from or to stay

Egirdir is a great base from which to explore the area. There is an excellent market at Pinara, the Yazili Kanyon, St Paul's trail, Zindan Cave, Antiochia, Eskisehir, and Sagalassos.


Sunset at Sagalassos 

There is also a wonderful museum in Burdur, which is well worth a visit but check that it is open before heading there. 

Burdur museum

Burdur museum

A little further afield in Isparta and Burdur there are fields of roses in May through to July, the oil from which is used to make some of the world’s most famous perfumes.

A little later there are is the lavender harvest too.

If you are not feeling so adventurous there is a roof terrace at Fulya; a perfect venue for a delicious breakfast, or even all day, if the mood takes you.

It is certainly a good place to catch the sunset.

Sunset of Eğirdir Lake from roof terrace at Fulya Pension

Evening meals are served at Charley’s but there are also other restaurants in the town.

How to get there

You can get to Lake Eğirdir by car or bus. Turkey has an enviable public transport system and comfortable coaches run regularly from Fethiye.

They are extremely economical too.

Eğirdir centre is compact and various hotels and pensions are located within minutes of the bus station.

For more information visit: www.fulyapension.com    



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