Istanbul Gelişim Day Nursery opens playgroup

“The plan for our school was drawn up in line with the legislation that covers day schools and kindergartens.

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Istanbul Gelişim Day Nursery opens playgroup

Established in 2014 in Fethiye, the Istanbul Gelişim Day Nursery provides kindergarten services, pre-school education and day care facilities.  The four-story building has 900 square metres of indoor space and a garden of 350 square metres. It has now extended its services to cover the 0-2 age group and has expanded the range of facilities to include daily and hourly childcare and playgroups.

Selda Salkaya, the founder and head teacher of the day nursery, described what the school can offer parents and their children: “The plan for our school was drawn up in line with the legislation that covers day schools and kindergartens. We have a hall for social activities that measures 238 m2. It has central heating and air-conditioning to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for the children. Our mission is to provide a learning environment based on love. While planning activities our primary concern is the spiritual and physical well being of the children. We work closely with the parents for some of our activities and especially encourage discipline and cleanliness. Our main aim is to prepare our children for the future – we want to help them on their way to becoming good citizens that we can all be proud of. We also want to help with the problems faced by working mothers, so we have started to enrol children from the 0-2 age group. We are the first and the only place like this in Fethiye.

“What's more, if parents want, they can leave their children at our playgroup on a daily basis. Our main aim here is to ensure that the child does not feel alone and makes friends in a healthy and happy environment. Parents will be able to entrust their children to us for a day without worrying and attend to to their daily work or have some spare time for themselves. Our playgroups are between 10 and 12 a.m. daily during which the children can play while accompanied by trained teachers. we also feed them.”  For more information please contact 0 252 614 77 46


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