It’s all go for Fethiye’s third coastal zone

Fethiye's mayor has announced that the project will include paths for trekking, parks, green fields and small cafés

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It’s all go for Fethiye’s third coastal zone

The Fethiye Municipality has started working on the third coastal zone, saying that it will enhance the panorama of the Fethiye gulf. The 1.6 kilometres of landscaping should be completed within three months.


Plan for the 3rd Coastal Zone

The zone begins at 779 Street on the Cahit Gündüz Boulevard. The contract for the project covering 1,603 metres has been awarded to the cement manufacturing company, Urantaş, for 1.89 million TL and 30 metres will be in-filled along this stretch of coastline. Behçet Saatçı, the Mayor of Fethiye, came along to watch the preliminary excavations.


Saatçı told the media that this coastal zone would extend as far as the Şat headland in Çalış, providing an esplanade for pedestrians of 4.5 kilometres.

The project will include paths for trekking, parks, green fields and small cafés. Saatçı pointed out that costs for this project would be borne by the municipality and not on a construct-operate-and-transfer basis. Mayor Saatçı made the following comments:

“We have a sound economy. We had set aside funds for the marina and a landing stage for cruise ships but when we were not given authorisation for these, we stood back. The cost of infilling the coast line is no big deal for a municipality with a budget of 8 million Turkish Liras.”

Behçet Saatçı was subjected to some pretty tough questioning regarding the second coastal zone project, so when the reporters asked him if he expected the same for the third zone, he responded as follows:

“I suppose there will be some protests. As you know, there are some people in Fethiye who habitually denounce things. They protest everything we do. However, we have nothing to account for either to the residents of Fethiye or to God.”



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