Land of Lights enlightens UK police

Kaş contributor, Gary Chapman, showed police in London and cops and 'Vikings' in York a photo, which recently appeared on the front page of Land of lights. This is what they said...

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Land of Lights enlightens UK police

Our headline picture showed Turkish traffic police presenting free crash helmets to law-breaking motorcyclists in Fethiye.

And the campaign was quietly given the thumbs-up by police in England.

A Scotland Yard spokesman told the writer: “I don't think we can officially endorse campaigns by forces outside the Metropolitan Police area, but it seems to be a good idea.”

There was a similar response from the Yorkshire Constabulary, during a one-day campaign against drinking and driving in the ancient city of York, famous for its massive Viking excavations and the Jorvik museum. 

One traffic officer told land of lights: “We could not afford free crash helmets, but we do give free bicycle lamps to riders with unlit machines.”

A senior traffic officer said: “Fines for not wearing crash helmets vary between £50 and £100 and must be paid within 28 days. We don't necessarily pursue the driver, but we do photograph the riders and their number plates. It's a case of swings and roundabouts. Chasing them could put others at risk.”

Our photograph shows a wannabe Viking at the Jorvik Museum entrance with a copy of the paper.


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