Pierre Cardin: a world-famous name for style and elegance

Established in France, the name Pierre Cardin has become synonymous with style, so it is no surprise that the brand continues to be a world-leader. During the 1960’s Pierre Cardin was a pioneer; focusing on space research.

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Pierre Cardin: a world-famous name for style and elegance

Originally established in France, the name Pierre Cardin has long been synonymous with style; so, it is no surprise that the brand continues to be a world-leader. During the 1960’s Pierre Cardin was a pioneer; focusing on space research. Adopting the Space Age theme, the fashion house epitomised avant-garde and futuristic tends in fashion. Nowadays, Pierre Cardin still is recognized as one of the most famous fashion designers in the world – not least for introducing tights, shoulder padding and maxi coats. In the 1980s Pierre Cardin opened boutiques throughout the world and since then ventured into new areas, such as jewellery, perfume, furniture and accessories.


For the last seven months Pierre Cardin has been represented in Fethiye by Pierre Cardin Home. Recently, we had an opportunity to chat with Lubow Gartner, the owner of Pierre Cardin Home. During our meeting we asked her various questions, such as what made this brand so special and why she had chosen Fethiye. We have to confess that Gartner captured our hearts with her delightful personality.


LOL: Mrs Gartner, could you please tell our readers a little about yourself?


LG: Hello, I was born in Russia but following my marriage I settled and worked in Germany, where I was an interpreter for many years. I love travelling, all fine arts and especially ballet.  One of my main interests is interior design and furniture, a hobby that has now become my business.


LOL: Why and when did you decide to come to Turkey, to Fethiye, and establish a business here?


LG: I love the sun and the sea. I love Turkey and have been here for vacations many times since my first visit in 1998. I really adore Turkey, especially Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, Alanya and Bodrum... I am really fond of Turkey. Finally I decided to settle in Turkey. Actually I was thinking of settling in Antalya, but Hamdi Güvenç, the CEO of Dalaman Airport, and one of my close friends, said to me, “What would you do in Antalya; Fethiye is beautiful... You simply must come and live in Fethiye. I am so glad I took his advice. I am very happy to be here.


LOL: Why did you decide to open Pierre Cardin Home?


When I came to Fethiye and started looking for furniture for my house, I realized I didn’t have much choice. I had a hard time finding what I wanted. I dreamt of opening a shop of European standard. My research led me to Pierre Cardin. Everything was of a high quality but the prices quite reasonable. In the end my dream to open a shop came true.


LOL: Indeed, your shop is way beyond the standards we are used to here; like the bar in this corner. I also noticed some extremely elegant paintings. Are these for sale or just part of the decoration?


LG: Yes, people coming here must feel at home, this is why we have a bar, were we serve delicious coffee and tea. We want our guests to enjoy themselves here. As for the paintings, some are by my dear friend Tatiana and others are from local artists and they are all for sale. We act as an art centre as well.


LOL: As a Russian subject what do you feel about the rather disagreeable developments between Russia and Turkey?


LG: I felt very depressed about them. These unpleasant incidents affect both tourism and the economy. You would think that such crises would not affect someone selling furniture but tourism needs to be good, so that those involved in tourism are able afford to buy things from us. It is all interrelated. Thankfully, the leaders of the two countries have managed to reach a reconciliation and the problem is resolved. There are about one thousand Russian nationals living here. All of us were very relieved.


LOL: What is your customer profile?


LG: There are elegant items for all age groups. There are many alternatives for those seeking furniture, bedding, carpets and seating, as well as accessories and decorative objects that make ideal gifts. At Pierre Cardin Home we have a different concept, and it’s one that we shall continue to uphold. We are willing to work hard and do everything we can to promote our business.


LOL: We are very happy to become acquainted with remarkable people, such as you. Thank you very much, Lubow Gartner.

Address: M.Kemal Bulvarı No:118 Tel: 0532 574 35 71



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