Russian reality TV show filmed in Ortaca

The filming of a reality TV show, similar to the franchise “Survivor,” is currently underway near Ortaca, Muğla.

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Russian reality TV show filmed in Ortaca

The filming of a reality TV show, similar to the franchise “Survivor,” is currently underway near Ortaca, Muğla. Four groups of seven members each are taking part in the contest, which is being filmed in Kargıcak Cove. Uğur Ertemiz, manager of the firm that is the Turkish producer of the programme, said that the Russian series, called Public Games had reached out to 36 million spectators in 14 days.  Ertemiz explained how the show came to be here in Muğla: “The Russians decided to hold this contest in Turkey, so a protocol was signed. We looked at almost every bay along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts; after covering 3000 kilometres we finally chose Kargıcak Cove. The energy and water supplies, transport facilities, climate conditions and natural features of Kargıcak Cove are ideal for the scenario. We had meetings with the local administrators and government representatives who showed interest and we obtained the necessary permission. Sets for the competition and accommodation, which are totally portable and made of wood, have been constructed.”

Ertemiz explained what Public Games is about: “The competitors wear special outfits and live in camps especially constructed for them. They may go without food at times.  They may be awarded with tasty dishes three times on some days but will be given only a cup of raw rice on others. It resembles the TV program called Survivor where they have to overcome 12 difficult situations such as a mud pool, a climbing platform, zeppelin, sailing on a boat, swimming and crossing over a rope bridge. During the competition the spectators decide which contestant will receive the award in the box. This may be food and drink, or cash.”

Ertemiz explained that the 52 stationary and 12 actual cameras recorded every movement of the contestants over 24 hours. Not only their actions but also their conversations with each other are recorded and included in the final assessment. The huge amount of cash to be given to the finalist will be announced during the last week. The competition will end in mid-November

Yücel Okutur, Chairman of the Union of Dalyan, Ortaca, Köyceğiz Touristic Hoteliers and Tourism Operations (DOKTOB), said that this project would make a significant contribution to the region and the country. He said: “From the viewpoint of tourism, the Russian market is a great potential for promotion.  During what we call the ‘dead season’ in Dalyan, approximately 200 people have been working on this project. All the materials have bought locally from Ortaca and Dalyan. Thanks to this project which will last three months, hundred of thousands of lira have already been paid to our local people. As you know, Dominica became famous all over the world due to the Survivor programme. Many countries are preparing projects that will use the sets built in Dominica. We can see that these projects are a great source of income for the tourism sector. The sets built here can be used by other countries and may be also be moved and constructed in Dalaman, Ortaca and Köyceğiz. We are very happy that the Kargıcak Cove has been chosen for this project. On behalf of our region, I would chiefly like to thank the Governor of Muğla, our Governor and our Mayor for their close interest in the project and their support.”


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