The hazards of not registering “holiday lets”

Failure to comply with the GİYKİMBİL legislation could result in significant fines that will not only impact on property owners but also the people renting the properties.

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The hazards of not registering “holiday lets”

Last week the Chief of Police in Fethiye gave Land of Lights permission to publish a copy of a directive prepared by the TC Fethiye District Governate District Police Department.  Translated into English, for foreigner nationals living in the area, it explains the importance of GIYKIMBIL; the registration of properties that are being rented as holiday lets (see also; short-term, daily rentals).

No different from Europe

As readers will see, just as in European countries, failure to comply with the legislation will result in significant fines that will not only impact on property owners but also the people renting the properties.

The diplomatic response

We wanted to learn the views of the British authorities, so contacted the High Consul in Istanbul, sending them a copy of the directive. In her reply, Lizzie Lovat, the Vice Consul in Istanbul reminded us that Richard Moore, UK Ambassador to Turkey “… was focused on this [GİYKİMBİL issue] in his April visit to Fethiye.”

Ms Lovat made the following comment on behalf of the British authorities: “We encourage people to keep up to date with, and respect, local laws and regulations. We fully support the Turkish authorities’ intention behind these regulations to address concerns around security and illegal activities such as tax evasion and fraud – as well as fulfilling a counter-terrorist function.  We are following the process closely and have asked the MFA [the T.C. Ministry of Foreign Affairs] their plans for informing all British property owners [who rent their properties] of the need to register on the GIYKİMBİL system and the process for so registering.” 

She continued, recalling the Ambassador’s visit to Fethiye earlier this year, “… this issue was raised in several meetings.  We also discussed these regulations with the local authorities.  We offered to work with them to get the message out to ensure that no holidaymakers were inconvenienced by the implementation of the regulations.  Our cooperation and communication on the issue with the local authorities continues.”

Message from the Ambassador

HMA Richard Moore said of the GİYKİMBİL system: “We want all British tourists in Turkey to have enjoyable and problem-free holidays, being aware of and following local regulations.  We will continue to work with the Turkish authorities to ensure that British property owners and holiday makers are aware of the new requirements.”

Be on the safe side

  • Holidaymakers who have rented a holiday home should make sure that the property owner, manager, or management company, has their full details, including their passport numbers, and so on.
  • The same would be automatically requested if they were staying in a hotel or pension and the same rules apply to private rental properties. If this information is not requested, there is a very strong possibility that the property is not registered with the relevant authorities.
  • Official sources have informed Land of Lights that people in Fethiye, as well as other parts of Muğla, have already been identified and fined for failing to register – and that some holidaymakers have been evicted from properties, which are then sealed. We have been told that there will be more such cases. Make sure you are not one of them.
  • To obtain a copy of this letter Fethiye residents who are renting their properties should visit the Police Station in Günlükbaşı. The letter not only contains details of the penalties for failing to register, it also explains what needs to be done to comply with the regulations.


For more information visit the Günlükbaşı Police Station.


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