The high cost of dying abroad

It is a sad fact that if you live abroad most insurance policies will not cover the full cost of repatriation or funerals. Being a sensitive issue, it can easily be overlooked once the decision to live overseas has been taken.

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The high cost of dying abroad

It is a sad fact that if you live abroad most insurance policies will not cover the full cost of repatriation or funerals.  Being a sensitive issue, it can easily be overlooked once the decision to live overseas has been taken. 

It may be your wish to be buried in the land of your birth, perhaps a family grave, or a church cemetery, where members of the family have always been buried. Perhaps you wish to be laid to rest in the UK, close to your family where they can visit you and pay their respect on a regular basis. Perhaps you would prefer your actual funeral service to be at a location where your UK friends and family can easily attend.

Alternatively, family may feel that the person's soul may not be at peace if a loved one’s body was buried anywhere but in their homeland. Maybe you wished for a cremation, yet you have been living in a country where only burial is offered? Are you happy to be buried when for the majority of your life you had decided to be cremated?

Maybe couples have decided that if they pass away they are quite happy to be buried in Turkey. Death is not such a taboo subject between partners and consideration should often not about ourselves but about those left behind. Circumstances can also change and perhaps the remaining partner returns back to UK, leaving an unattended grave in Turkey for generations ahead. 

Sometimes in life people have a need to reconnect with their roots, their past, their loved ones, ancestors and take some meaning from life and death.  On such occasions its often good for loved ones and future generations to have a place as a point of remembrance such as a church cemetery, or a location where ashes where scattered to reconnect with family and ones roots.

Taking home the body of someone who has died can be an important spiritual journey for many. It is always wise to discuss your wishes with family and close friends so that they are prepared to see to your final wishes through.

One of the most thoughtful things you can do for your family is to give them the freedom to celebrate your life, instead of the burden of planning your repatriation and funeral.  In addition, by preparing your funeral wishes in advance you’ll know that your requests will be honoured. 

Costs for repatriation vary widely, possibly reaching up to £17,000 if there is no policy in place!  It is needless to say that a few stories have appeared in the press where, out of desperation, families have had to resort to ‘checking in’ their deceased relative at the airport.

Many insurance policies now have strict limits on how much they will pay out for repatriation and funeral costs. A staggering one claim in ten is rejected, as in the case of pre-existing or undisclosed medical conditions. Sometimes this is not decided until repatriation is well under way, leaving the family no other choice but to step in to finance the repatriation.  Checking the small print of your insurance policy has never been so important!

We are finding that many travel insurance policies are not even covering the older traveller for repatriation at all, often unbeknown to the policyholder. It is imperative to check the limits on your policy.  Does it say £2,500 for example? Does that relate to burial or does it include repatriation?

Our UK funeral pre-paid plans are unbeatable starting from £3,155.  To add on a pre-paid repatriation plan would be another £3,500.  So for a total of £6,655 you can have peace of mind that you have the departure you deserve in place [i.e. a full repatriation service from Turkey] and a professional dignified funeral at a place of your choice in the UK.  We work with the TOP Independent Funeral Director in the UK, who can collect the deceased from any UK airport and funeral services are given anywhere in the country, following strictly the individual requests made on the plan. 

If you, or one of your party, dies while on holiday, emergency UK funeral repatriation is also only one call away. If you have not purchased adequate 'holiday' insurance yourself and do not have a UK prepaid funeral or repatriation plan in place, then we can also step in and help by providing emergency funeral repatriation.

We can offer expert emergency repatriation of the deceased into any UK major airport and can take care of funeral arrangements for any area of Britain, as per your wishes.

From the transferring of the deceased into our care; to the embalming and the provision of a suitable casket for air transport; to the legal documentation for foreign shipment and the consultation with the Consulate's Office; and to the air transportation to the deceased's country of origin.

Our UK based team will certainly ensure your individual wishes are followed though and that all matters are professionally and empathically approached.

With the ever rising costs of UK funerals you may also be interested in UK funeral plans only, starting from £3,155 using our Top UK Independent Funeral Director who will manage and deliver your funeral wishes anywhere in the UK.  All the fine details of the funeral are noted and carried out upon your request.  Should your funeral requests alter [i.e. from change location to even change in music/cars etc.] we are always just a phone call away to update your details.  Please quote MP/TUR to receive the discounted prices quoted above for our pre-paid plans

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