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Established warned against noise pollution at Ölüdeniz
Category: Local News Add Time: Kas 30th, 2009 Author: admin

Infoset - Call Center, Cagri Merkezi Sistemleri

Infoset, Turkiye'nin en buyuk bankalari, finans kurumlari, tekstil firmalari, medya kuruluslari, telekom sirketleri, hastaneler ve guclu markalarina donanim ve yazilim cozumleri uretir.Bircok musteriniz sizi, cagri merkeziniz (call centeriniz) kadar tanir. Marka imajiniz ve kurumsal itibariniz, cagri merkezinizden (call centerinizdan) verdiginiz hizmetin kalitesiyle tanimlanir. Tuketiciye guler yuzlu ve cozum odakli hizmet veren bir çağrı merkezi, size hem prestij, hem de tavsiyeyle gelen yeni musteriler kazandirir.
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 The Municipality of Ölüdeniz in Fethiye warned the operators of Bars, Discos and Restaurants at Hisarönü and Belceğiz against Noise Pollution upon numerous complaints by Local and Foreign Residents.
 Keramettin Yılmaz, the Mayor of Ölüdeniz, held a meeting at his offices with the operators, relating the complaints about noise pollution to them, saying: “Until now we have not taken action against anyone for noise pollution. However, within the framework of the new legislation, penalties will be levied on organizations causing noise pollution. In countries like Italy and Spain, there are no discos and bars in open air. This issue will be resolved if we all adhere to the rules. The law stipulates heavy penalties. We do not wish to enforce them. We ask for cooperation of our friends. If we have to, we shall use our discretion. Playing disco music and karaoke in open air are to be abandoned.”
 Mayor Yılmaz stated that no music is to be broadcast in open air beyond the pre-established hours, adding, “Loudspeakers are to be taken off in all establishments with no licence for music or live music. Those establishments providing services as a beach or picnic area during the daytime without a licence for broadcasting music will not be allowed to play music night and day. Before an operating licence is granted, the establishments must set up sound-proof facilities as foreseen by the law. If adverse practice is observed during the inspections, it will be reported to the Public Prosecutor and an administrative fine of 12 thousand 996 YTL will be levied. When excessive noise is caused a second time within the 3 consecutive years, the fine will be two fold. In case of third instance, the fine will be three fold. If it continues, the establishment will be closed down permanently or temporarily.” 


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