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Category: Local News Add Time: Eki 28th, 2010 Author: RohatHH

Infoset - Call Center, Cagri Merkezi Sistemleri

Infoset, Turkiye'nin en buyuk bankalari, finans kurumlari, tekstil firmalari, medya kuruluslari, telekom sirketleri, hastaneler ve guclu markalarina donanim ve yazilim cozumleri uretir.Bircok musteriniz sizi, cagri merkeziniz (call centeriniz) kadar tanir. Marka imajiniz ve kurumsal itibariniz, cagri merkezinizden (call centerinizdan) verdiginiz hizmetin kalitesiyle tanimlanir. Tuketiciye guler yuzlu ve cozum odakli hizmet veren bir çağrı merkezi, size hem prestij, hem de tavsiyeyle gelen yeni musteriler kazandirir.
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During excavations at the ancient city of Kaunos in Köyceğiz, Muğla, presided over by Prof. Dr. Cengiz Işık, numerous historical pieces were discovered during underwater explorations at Köyceğiz lake.

Divers participating in the underwater investigations photographed numerous historical ruins as well as remains of a stone wall from the Roman Period, terraces, tiles used on the roofs, and bricks used in the construction of the walls. The pieces were found at a depth of 25 metres were brought up to the surface with great care.

An underwater robot allocated by the Naval Base at Aksaz was also utilized during the investigations. Most of the pieces unearthed are crockery used at kitchens, candle holders, vases and water jugs.

It was ascertained that the historical pieces were kept at the bottom because Köyceğiz had no museum to put them on exhibition. The pieces that were brought into the daylight have been taken to a storeroom for protection, awaiting the day when they can be displayed.

Researcher Nadir Şahin provided information about the discovered pieces. “During the period when the Kaunos was an harbour for naval traffic of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas, the Lake of Köyceğiz was a bay filled with sea water. The Sultaniye thermal springs was a hospital for Kaunos with rooms for patients and treatment units where Goddess Leto is said to have dispersed holy water. At that time, the Dalaman River used to run from Ortaca to Dalyan, flowing out into the sea. The muddy residue of clay, sand and small stones carried by the Dalaman River eventually created a delta at Dalyan. Consequently the connection with the bay at Köyceğiz and the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas was broken and with the bay becoming a large lake. In time the level of the water in the lake rose higher and a portion of the Sultaniye thermal springs were flooded.  At Sultaniye springs, there are ruins of buildings constructed in honour of Goddess Leto, as well as the wall of the harbour which are archaeological evidence of ancient health facilities.”


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